5 key hires to get your Business online

By Tayo Leigh

 18 Mar 2015     Comments

It's time to build a kick ass "online" strategy. So if this is new to you. What or more importantly WHO do you need to get started?

What’s the first thing people see if they ‘googled’ your company name?

First thing people do when they hear about your product, service or business is to check you out online. Being online gives you credibility, a way to share information about your company and increase sales. Most importantly it’s where you can “attract and retain customers”

Kick start a great online team with these following staff hires:

Social Media Manager

What do they do? Responsible for encouraging people to talk about your business, promoting your brand and generally letting people know what your company is up to.

How? For example through Facebook they will start conversations with your customers, post pictures of your products/services, through Twitter tweet about special offers, new products and with the use of Linked in start engaging to build both B2C and B2B contacts.

Tip: Hiring a social media manager is a good first step to introducing yourself online, especially if you can’t yet afford to build a snazzy website. As setting up a FB, Twitter, LinkedIn Company account and G+ is completely FREE, with the right Social media manager you can immediately start attracting new customers to your business.


What do they do? They write articles and tips relevant to your industry to attract your target audience.

How? Through newsletters or blogs they will frequently post information readers wills find interesting. So for example if you run an Interior Design company you can have them write about the latest trends, give advice or suggest products to use.

So how does this help your business make money? Two ways. When you write well about your area of expertise people will have confidence in your brand and are highly likely to click through to your website or contact you about your products. Secondly, Search results. When people are searching for information about the industry – your blog post could be at the top of the search results, again alerting new customers to your business.

Tip: Hire a blogger as a freelancer – you can agree how many articles they can provide, and with the use of your social media expert see how effective your blogs are in driving customers to the business.

Web Developer

What do they do? Build and maintain websites.

How: If you havent yet taken the big step to create your own website online, then there are many ways to do this. Buy a template online and edit to your style or build from scratch. Both ways will entail some support from a technical developer.

So how does this help your business make money? You can build a website to give information that allows customers to contact you about your services or actually sell and take payment online. Both are proven ways to lead to an increase in revenue.

Tip: Ask the developer for examples of their work, check out their references, make sure you set out a clear budget and list out the deliverables before starting the work.

E-Business / Digital Marketing Manager

What do they do? Create digital marketing strategies, which show the most effective way to invest in advertising online to gain the most new customers.

How? They investigate all the places your target audience will be and focus on those channels to advertise your good and services. For example if your business is consulting then you could build a strategy around putting banner ads on online newspapers your customers like to read. These professionals come under different job titles, so when searching FREE on SHORTLIST use terms such as digital manager e-business.

Tip: Working with a an E-business professional means you can clearly see how your money performs – the best thing about spending online is you can track how effective your advertising is whereby with a newspaper ad you don’t know who or how many people have seen it.

Graphic Designer

What do they do? They create professional images and design for your online channels.

How? Creating a fantastic first impression by providing pictures of your products or services. They create good quality images and designs to appear in your adverts and social media postings and give general guidance on the look and feel of your websites.

So how does this help your business make money? It’s all about credibility. Even with great content and functional website – if you have grainy photos, inconsistent logo’s designs or inappropriate images you won’t look professional and despite all your hard work people won’t take you or your business seriously.

In conclusion, the online world can seem a complex one, but if you are a growing business you MUST develop your online channels along with your physical business.

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