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Embody the leadership skills of a mother

Our Mothers plays such huge leadership role in our lives, in honour of Mothers Day were looking at how we can embody the values of

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Should I hire a contractor? Where do I start?

Hiring temporary staff is a great way to increase your headcount for a short time, maybe you have a large project, big order or you

How to keep your best freelancers working for you!

There is currently a movement globally which is challenging the normal recruitment and employment model. I’d love to say it is SHORTLIST Nigeria but

Do you have the right team to go digital?

Are you looking to take your business online? Have you hired the necessary talents? Having the right team is key. You need qualified professionals who

Why are no candidates getting back to me?

Are you struggling with our platform? Maybe you've created a SHORTLIST account with the promise of free access to great candidates. So after having found

How to keep hold of your best staff

Recently we wrote about setting your staff clear goals to really kick-start another year. How did they respond? Are they coming into work full of

Motivate Your Staff, Set Great New-Year Goals

Your staff may return from their new year break full of enthusiasm and ambition or down and dejected at having to come back to work

Hired anyone great this year?

Hiring the right staff to help your company grow is not always easy. There are so many things that can go wrong, so if this

Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversation - 10 Tips to Giving Feedback Providing feedback is an essential part of the role of any manager, but sometimes it can be