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Carry Out a Proper Check of Employee References

References are an integral part of the hiring process and can be a good indicator of how well the candidate will perform. These days, many

Why recruiters need to stay engaged with their talent

So you’ve managed to place the perfect candidate in the perfect job. On to the next, right? Well what about all the new potential

What it takes to start your own recruitment business

What it takes to start your own recruitment business You get to meet a lot of people working in recruitment. You also get to see

How do you compare to the competition?

Successful companies always know where they stand in their industry. New sales and products will of course be a priority, but keeping an eye on

The Top 6 Trends in Recruitment Today

No industry can afford to stand still. If it does, it gets replaced. Recruitment is no different. Changing demands from employers and expectations from candidates,

How do you fire a committed employee?

Some of the most important qualities of a good employee are that they are committed to the organisation and are reliable, but is that really

Do you know a secret? What to do when you learn something you shouldn’t

Working with people every day means hearing things that you maybe shouldn’t. This can put you in a very difficult situation. If it affects

Why your business needs whistle-blowers

The issue of ‘whistle-blowing’ in business is often contentious. Sometimes people can put themselves in danger by speaking out, or some companies will discourage honesty

Avoid interview mistakes, attract the best talent

Avoiding Interview Mistakes Very few managers get training on how to interview well. Unfortunately not every aspect of the interview process is common sense. The

Why hire a Customer Service Rep?

Social media and the internet has changed the relationship between customer and business. Not just for customers to complain or help promote a business at