Be a More Effective Manager

By Tayo Leigh

 16 Feb 2015     Comments

The New Year is already well underway. Have you managed to stick to your New Years Resolutions so far? If you didn't make any resolutions, it's not too late to start thinking of making your management style more effective.

Three Steps to Better Management

1) Give & Receive Feedback

Regular feedback is essential to ensure that your staff understand what is expected of them and have a plan for how to meet those expectations. Encouraging their suggestions can give you valuable insight into the challenges they face and may help you make improvements in how work is organised.

Find the right balance between giving praise and being critical. Without praise, employees may be left feeling unappreciated. Boost morale by giving praise when its due. Make sure your critical feedback is constructive. Do employees understand what they could have done differently? Do they have the right skills to meet expectations?

2) Focus on Weak Performers

Many managers judge their own effectiveness by the performance of outstanding employees. To really make gains in productivity, focus instead on your lowest performer. How well you manage the outputs of the weakest team member is a good indication of your effectiveness.

3) Hiring Right First Time

Hiring decisions are fundamental. Even if you are not a recruitment specialist, you need to invest a lot of time into planning your workforce and developing a hiring strategy. Make an effort to keep up to date with the latest selection methods. The cost of getting hiring wrong can be devastating to your business.

Take our simple tips on communicating clearly, developing your weakest link and getting the hiring process right first time.

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