How to Boost Staff Morale!

By Tayo Leigh

 16 Mar 2015     Comments

Motivate your Employees at little to no extra cost!

Investing in employee well-being and happiness will have a positive impact on your business. It improves the reputation of your company and incentivise your staff to make more effort.

In order to thrive and give of their best, employees need to feel valued. They need to have manageable workloads and enough time away from work to rest and recharge. It also helps if care has been taken to ensure their place of work is pleasant. Try to make it somewhere they don't feel the need to escape from. If you can achieve this, the rewards for your business include improved productivity, low absenteeism and reduced turnover.

Read on for some tips to get you started.

5 Tips to Boost Staff Morale:

1. Celebrate Success

Its really important that you give employees recognition when they do their jobs well. Not only should you be generous with your praise, but you should celebrate successes when they are still fresh in everyone's minds. Do not underestimate the importance of employees feeling valued and how that positivity impact their productivity. In addition to praise, you could also reward high performance. Unsurprisingly, the offer of extra time off -is always a popular reward!

2. Create a Nice Environment

Take a look around your workspace. Is the office uncluttered and well-arranged? Would the walls benefit from a fresh coat of paint? Really examine the work environment and ensure that it is as pleasant as possible. Maybe you could hang some artwork or grow some indoor plants. At the very least the work environment should be clean and tidy.

3. Job Titles

Job titles can be an easy way of instilling pride and self-esteem in employees and no cost to your business. Do your staff have job titles that they are proud to share with others, or ones that they are embarrassed about. Well considered job titles can boost morale, but be careful not to over inflate titles to the point where they are meaningless! A person's job title can change the way they perceive their role within the organisation and how they contribute to its success.

4. Photos

Have an informal picture taken of all your staff or of groups of them. Display the pictures in the office. It can serve as a visual reminder that they are members of a team. It's also creates a great first impression for visitors to the office and new staff joining.

5. Casual Fridays

You would be amazed how much importance some employees attach to the freedom to come to work in less formal attire on a Friday. Across Nigeria many businesses already allow employees to wear traditional dress on Fridays. If you are not one such business, really examine if its something you can incorporate. We've come across many a disgruntled employee from businesses where no such allowance is made!

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