Why Customer Service is king

By Tayo Leigh

 13 Sep 2015     Comments

The Leisure, Tourism and Events industries survive by their customer service. There are so many different things that can go wrong; delayed flights, rude waiters, disappointing venues; they need their clients on side from day one, always check they are happy and then leave them with a positive and lasting impression.

Any business, including yours, can learn from their tried and tested formulas for winning customers for life, and ensure they never tell friends about ‘the worst holiday ever’.

Here’s 5 great lessons from the LTE industry to help win and keep customers:

1. Greet them with a smile

Where is the first point of contact for most of your customers? Does it say ‘welcome’ anywhere on your website, do your staff always say ‘good morning’ on the phone, or ‘thank you for choosing us’ on quote forms? Before they sit down and look at the menu, customers should always know they are valued.

2. Focus on the benefits

Accountancy services may not be as fun as taking a holiday, but saving people money, freeing up time to focus on winning more business or affording to expand your company is. Are those benefits all over your website? Do your sales letters focus on imagining how happy customer will be once you are helping them?

3. Tailor your services –

Some people are lucky enough to ‘turn left when getting on the plane’. Can you allow your customers to ‘upgrade to a first class service’ or shape your product to their needs? At the very least give them the option, that way they’ll know they’ve chosen what’s right for them, and not just what you offer everybody.

4. Give them gifts

What event isn’t complete without a free gift bag with branded pens, writing pads, memory sticks or confectionary? You may not see your customers regularly, but you can still send them something that says you value their business. Perhaps send it on an anniversary like a year since their first purchase, reminding them you are still there and that you can help them (hopefully with a new product)?

5. Check

How many people eat a meal thinking it could be better, but are too polite to complain? That’s why restaurants always check diners are happy once they have started eating. If they are, fantastic, if they are not and you resolve their issue, then why would they go elsewhere?

Think of the best restaurant you have ever been to, the best holiday you ever had or the best event you ever went to. Now think if your customers walk away from business with you thinking they can’t wait to come back? If not, start changing!


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