Embody the leadership skills of a mother

By Tayo Leigh

 23 Mar 2017     Comments

Our Mothers plays such huge leadership role in our lives, in honour of Mothers Day were looking at how we can embody the values of a mother in our everyday leadership. Mentoring those around us who are starting out in their careers or working alongside us.

Top leaderships skills we can learn from mum;

Let them make their own mistakes.

As children were told to not to do things and when we do we suffer, a hot cup, we knock things over or watch our favourite lost to the floor. It was like our mum could see into the future.

We can often see the writing on the wall for the less experienced around us. “because the job has nice offices doesn’t mean you’ll learn anything oh!” sometimes we are right and sometimes wrong.

It’s hard to stand by and let a junior sister, friend or junior colleague make mistakes. But this is all part of learning and we forget that we know what we know because we too made those same mistakes.
Never say I told you so if it goes wrong. Just do what your mum would do rub their back and say “sorry”.

Endure - carry on without expecting recognition.

It’s only as we get older or become parents ourselves that we truly begin to understand the sacrifices our parents make for us.

Leaderships is often a thankless task, doing so much that will rarely get recognised or praised for. Making tough decisions and putting the needs of our team and the company before ourselves

In your role do what needs to be done because it’s the right thing. If you can recommend a junior colleague for promotion, contribute to a family friends school fees or take the time out to look through someone CV/report/presentation and give them feedback. You are truly being a great “mum”.

Be the change you want to see.

“Do what I do” is so much more powerful than “Do what I say”. We learn from watching what we’ve grown up seeing around us. The way a child will pretend to use a phone or type on a pretend laptop, we don’t change as adults.

Embodying the integrity and value you want to see in others is the only way to communicate our expectations of behaviour. Don’t tell your peers and juniors how you want them to behave show them.

We at SHORTLIST wish all the mums out there A Happy Mothers Days this Sunday!

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