Hired anyone great this year?

By Tayo Leigh

 22 Dec 2015     Comments

Hiring the right staff to help your company grow is not always easy.

There are so many things that can go wrong, so if this year hasn’t been a great one for you and your hires then why not take a look at our fantastic guide to making sure next year’s hires will be the right ones.

  1. Are you defining your roles correctly?

    Do your staff do what it says they’re meant to in their job description? Being offered one thing and then being made to do another is a big reason many staff move on from companies where they may otherwise have stayed.
    Make sure you are clear on what you need and it’s much easier to find and keep the right staff.

  2. Do you keep employing the same people?

    Many companies or industries employ from the same background or university because that’s what they’ve always done. If those people mean you are always delivering the same product or there are never any new ideas, then why not review how you find great new staff to bring in new ideas and diversity?

  3. Your recruitment process - does it look anything like this?

a. Clearly define the role.
b. Identify where the right people are.
c. Clarify what your interview process is – who’s interviewing, when, what are they asking?
d. Let the winning candidate know soon, and the rest thanked and kept on file.
e. Impress the chosen candidate from day one by being greeted, having working email and being taken to lunch.
f. Regularly review to ensure you’re both still happy.

If it doesn’t, then you know what next year’s hires need to look like.
SHORTLIST is there for companies and recruiters all year round. We coach our talent pool to understand what you need and work with our clients to ensure they find the best staff as easily as possible.

By listening to you, and giving candidates everything they need to let their talent shine, then we hope 2016 will be an even better year for everyone!

If you still need some help finding someone special, email Sola at sola@shortlistnigeria.com and he will get you a great shortlist of candidates in no time.


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