Misfits Blog #2 Hiring Mistakes and Ways to Find the Right Person

By Tayo Leigh

 23 Jun 2015     Comments

Did you spend money on last year? It's so important to make the right choice. If you constantly find that your new hires are not quite cutting it, maybe they don’t have the necessary skills, motivation or initiative for the role and are just not meeting with your expectations? If this is the case then you may want to think about making changes to your recruitment process and quickly, so it doesn’t end up costing the business a fortune in replacing staff. There are several ways you can change the way you hire, in order to ensure you make the right hire.

Job Description
The job description will detail exactly what you expect from the candidate and the necessary skills and experience they will need to fulfil the role. If you find that the hires you are making are not suitable for the role, it may be worth revising your job description. Are you making the essential requirements of the role clear? Are you saying anything which may be misleading? These are points to consider when compiling your job description, in order to ensure there is no room for confusion.

If the staff you are hiring don’t seem to be very motivated for the roles, it may be worth looking at the level you are hiring. For instance, if you are hiring someone who was previously being paid £50,000 and you are paying them £20,000, they are unlikely to be motivated for the role. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you revise the salary, it may be worth making sure you are hiring candidates at a level they are used to.

Interview Process
Although it can often be difficult to find enough people to carry out interviews, it will really be worthwhile if you can find more than two people to attend. Ideally, a panel of people who be more effective as this will allow for a range of opinions, rather than just one or two. It is definitely not enough to have just one person conducting an interview, as this doesn’t offer an option to discuss and compare opinions. It also leaves the full hiring decision to one person, which isn’t really fair if it doesn’t work out.

It is not just about the hiring process but also how you treat the person after they are recruited. Are they given enough ownership for the role to just get on with it or are they left feeling undermined? These are important aspects to consider when hiring someone as it can easily cause them to feel demotivated and under valued. It is always better to take a bit of a risk and let your new hire develop into the role, rather than failing to give them a proper chance.


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