How to alienate and frustrate your staff!

By Tayo Leigh

 12 May 2015     Comments

Managing staff is never easy. You have a job to do and you're all there to make the business sucessfull. But while you're focused on growing the company you maybe losing sight of how to get the best out of your employees.

So here's a list of top five things that employees said managers do that really winds them up!

Overload staff with meetings & emails

Many of us have sat through tedious meetings that are clearly not of much benefit. You sit there feeling frustrated, thinking of all the more important tasks you now have less time for.

As a manager, show your employees you value their time enough not to waste it with unnecessary meetings and information overload. Only send emails on a need to know basis, don’t flood everyone’s inbox with unnecessary information that doesn’t directly concern them. Reading numerous emails detracts from their other work and frankly can be annoying. If there is general information that needs to be disseminated company wide, consider compiling a weekly newsletter of sorts,

A weekly email is easier to manage than several throughout the week. Apply the same principles to scheduled meetings. Only invite people who have to attend and keep to an agenda to ensure that the meeting has a clear purpose.

Don't ask for staff input

Even when you’re “the boss”, there can be great value in consulting employees before making final decisions. Research has shown that people will be more accepting of decisions that they feel they have contributed to. Also, even when they disagree with a decision, they may respond more positively if they feel they their opinion was listened to and considered. From your own perspective, you may make better decisions as a result of considering multiple perspectives. Your team may propose different ways of doing things, may see potential shortcomings of changes you are going to make, and can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Make change for change sake

Understandably managers often want to put their stamp on a place, leave an indelible mark that will differentiate them from predecessors. Problems start when these changes are unnecessary and ill thought out. Don’t fix what isn’t broken to satisfy your ego. Only make change when it is necessary.

Surround yourself with weakness

Insecure managers like to surround themselves with subordinates who are non-threatening. They promote people who they think make them look good, at the expense of highly skilled talented people who are more deserving of advancement. Rather than making the manager look good, such behaviour is transparent and has the effect of making them look weak.

Ignore employee development

If you fail to prioritise employee career goals and don’t support their aspirations, this will have a negative effect on their commitment and morale. Good employers help their staff to plan their careers and support the steps they need to take to advance.

So there you have it, our top tips on how to alienate your staff! Alternatively, if you wish to gain the respect of your staff, try to eliminate all the above behaviours.

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