How to keep hold of your best staff

By Tayo Leigh

 20 Jan 2016     Comments

Recently we wrote about setting your staff clear goals to really kick-start another year. How did they respond? Are they coming into work full of enthusiasm and lots of ambition for the year?

What about your best staff, your Most Valuable Players? Do they still look like they are happy, totally committed to their job and working for you?

                        Watch for the signs!

This time of the year is when a lot of people start to think about their job and whether or not they are happy. Christmas is over, things are back to normal at work and many of the issues they left behind last year, are still there.

So how do you make sure they don’t start looking elsewhere? Why not start by asking your MVP’s:

What do they want?

Make it clear you don’t have any more money in the budget (unless you do of course), but that you want to make sure they are being fulfilled. It may be a new title, support from another team member, a better desk – anything that will prove you value them and their hard work.

What ideas do they have?

The key thing (other than getting a great idea!) is to put it into practice. They can then say they have visibly contributed to the company, their ideas are valued and this is a company where careers can be built, not just a stepping stone.

What would they change?

You will have to ask them in a neutral setting, and give them some prior notice that you are going to ask. If you put them on the spot in your office, they will say everything is perfect!

Who is struggling?

You’re not looking for them to betray a colleague, or get anyone fired. But you are asking them who won’t speak up for themselves. Sometimes staff just need someone to speak on their behalf.

Perhaps the most important part of this approach is that you act on their feedback. If they have taken their time to think about your questions and honest in their responses, but they don’t see any changes? Well then they will definitely start thinking about being someone else’s MVP.

                        Don’t lose your MVP’s!

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