Keep winning business – How to ensure your B&M agency is the only option for clients.

By Tayo Leigh

 18 Aug 2015     Comments

Frequently assessing your value proposition means you avoid losing out to smaller or emerging agencies who can use their size to act faster and offer a more personal service to clients.

In this, week four of our focus on Branding and Marketing, we look at four ways in which your agency can use your experience to make the decision of who to hire an easy one.

1.Your team

  • Train all your team in basic sales techniques. They are always meeting people, which means opportunities. Offer incentives for finding that work and they will always be thinking sales.

  • Does your intern always end up doing a campaign’s social media? Instead, hire a freelance specialist to set clear and realistic social media targets for a key campaign, deliver it and provide an assessment for you and the client. It will make social media a viable aspect of the campaign, rather than a bonus.

  • Do your clients know anything about your talented team? Make them and their skills part of your pitches, place their bios on your website and take them to pitch meetings. Your team is your extended family.

2. Your marketing

  • Can you make a short video or show reel for your website landing page that explains your agency’s philosophy? Perhaps an interview with yourself explaining why clients need you?

  • Do you promote your agency at local colleges or universities to share your knowledge and attract new talent? Can you promote this on your website?

  • Can you invite an existing client to your office? Show them what’s changed in your agency and industry since you started working together and use the meeting to discover what new issues you can help with.

3. Your research

  • Can you offer local students an opportunity to gain experience by helping conduct market research for you or a potential client? What about competitor research - what are they offering or what new markets are they talking about?

  • Do you encourage your team to attend industry events, talks and networking opportunities? Book in feedback meetings for the next morning to ensure they return with ideas and business cards.

  • Can you ask a new or long-standing client what your competition are doing to try and secure their business?

4. Your added value

  • Could you value-add your campaigns with more content? Write a report, or a series of blog posts for the client, suggested tweets, Facebook posts announcing its launch, or write an article for a trade magazine on the campaign's success.

  • Do you share your connections? If you are not a good fit for a potential client, then why not connect them with a partner or contact? It tells the client they are a priority and that you trust your network.

  • Why not suggest industry awards for your clients? Even if it isn’t for a campaign you worked on, it shows you are always thinking of them.

Whatever the size of your business, regular assessment of how you appear to clients and what more you can offer them is a great way to stand out and stay ahead. Show them you are experts at marketing yourself, and they will not hesitate to get you to do the same for them.


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