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By Tayo Leigh

 24 Mar 2015     Comments

Whilst the nation focuses on the presidential leadership this week, we'd like to offer you some inspiration on how you too can lead whatever your job title.

Leadership does not have to be an official part of your job description for you to exhibit leadership traits. Just as there are times when it is appropriate to follow someone else, there will be times when the team will benefit from you stepping up and taking charge.

Read on for tips on being an inspiring leader:

Great Leadership in 5 steps!

Be Inclusive and Generous

Good leaders are those who can both recognise and nurture others' talents. Don't be afraid to let others around you shine, support and encourage your colleagues. Be generous with your praise and also with your own knowledge. Learn to share ideas and credit for successes. Focusing on being inclusive and united as a team.

Make Connections

Don't just focus on your own work, take an interest in the people around you. Specifically, communicate with people in other departments so that you develop an understanding of all areas of the business. This will give you valuable insight in to how to be more effective in your job and into how the organisation can prosper overall.

Develop "expertise"

If your organisation lacks expertise in a certain area, focus on gaining competence in that area. Developing rare expertise is an excellent means of becoming indispensible within an organisation. Also becoming the "go to" person will offrer you plenty of opportunity to take the lead.

Volunteer for Responsibility

Be unafraid to volunteer for extra responsibility . Sometimes people shy away from taking the lead because they are afraid of the risks involved if things go wrong. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. Yes, you may be held accountable if things go awry but you will also get the credit if things go well. Bet on yourself, risk coming out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Be Passionate!

Enthusiasm and passion can positively affect team morale. Be the person that others look forward to working alongside. Don't be negative, even when things don't go as planned. Learn to see the good in both people and situations. Treat every challenge as an opportunity, rather than complaining about things.

Of course there is more to being a leader than just these 5 simple steps. But anyone consistently showing the attributes we've listed will be well on their way to developing great leadership ability.

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