Motivate Your Staff, Set Great New-Year Goals

By Tayo Leigh

 14 Jan 2016     Comments

Your staff may return from their new year break full of enthusiasm and ambition or down and dejected at having to come back to work after such a nice break.

One way to ensure you pick up the energy is by working with them to help set clear goals that are visible to all. Here are some key areas to focus on to help set those goals.

Pet projects

Can you give staff who haven’t already, ownership of a new project? Empower staff to use their initiative to solve a problem your company has, not only will they be encouraged to use their creativity, but now feel like they can take on a bigger project once it’s done.

Field work

For at least one day a month, let staff leave the office to attend a conference or talk where they get to report back on an industry issue. If they can bring in just one new contact from each event, then it will soon add up.


Ask staff what they would like to achieve this year. How can you tie this ambition to your company’s needs? If an IT worker wants to learn to build complex websites, then can this be a service you then offer out to clients? Put a figure on what this would mean for your company and it may well work for you both.

Quality over quantity

The race for profitability often moves employees’ focus away from quality and instead toward quantity. If a lot of work has been completed you might assume they are working well, but what use is this if work continually comes back for amendments? Can you look at goals that help reduce repeated work or missed tasks?

Financial targets

Can you create a bonus structure for all employees that is tied directly to profitability? Start by telling everyone how their role contributes to your financial success and look for ways to demonstrate this across the company.

Use all or some of these ways to establish clear and achievable goals for the year and not only will staff know what is expected of them, but you can quickly see who is not going to meet your standards.
If you need to find someone new for that role as a result, then you’ll already have these goals in place when looking for the right person.

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