Why recruiters need to stay engaged with their talent

By Tayo Leigh

 03 Dec 2015     Comments

So you’ve managed to place the perfect candidate in the perfect job. On to the next, right?

Well what about all the new potential candidates they are about to meet in their new role? Or what if their circumstances change, but they don’t know how to tell you?

Staying engaged with your talent beyond a placement means being connected to their network of talented people, and ensuring no placement ever need end with a resignation.

Here are 5 great ways to stay engaged with your talent:

LinkedIn content

Posting regular content about your industry or your clients shows you are fully engaged not only in recruitment, but in the areas you recruit for. Let one person post your content and allow them to express their personality and you become more than just a company name.

Email newsletter

Send a quarterly newsletter updating candidates on your agency’s successes (new clients or staff, anniversaries, high-profile campaigns) and you stay in their minds beyond their placement, and provide content for them to share with colleagues who may be looking.


What incentives can you offer for recommending a candidate you go on to place? This has saved you the cost of tracking down and assessing the unknown candidate, as well as getting a personal recommendation from someone you already know. Send a simple email to say you have a fantastic role and thought they may know another professional who would be interested.


Organise a fun (free) event such as a bar-b-q or a film screening, and you get to see and speak to your talent in a relaxed and informal environment. They are far more likely to be honest about their current role, and if you let them invite a colleague, may well expand your candidate network even further. Keep it to major events such as Christmas or an important anniversary and you are more likely to get a better turnout.

Text alerts

Communicating directly with candidates during the recruitment process shows you take the time to consider each placement, making them more than just another candidate. Ask periodically if everything is going OK and if they have any feedback from the role and you become an essential part of their career, not just the company who last placed them.

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