Step 3: Great Sources of Talent

By Tayo Leigh

 24 Mar 2015     Comments

Where do I find talent?

If you're new to hiring staff it can be difficult to get started and appear scarily expensive! Don't worry there are many ways to find talent cheaply and effectively.

To help you, we've listed Top 4 Great FREE Sources of Talent:


Of course we recommend that our site be your first port of call. We have an ever expanding pool of talented professionals ranging from recent graduates to those with 8-12 years experience.
WE ARE FREE! There are no costs to using our platform, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Furthermore we are solely focused on the Nigerian job market, offering you a specialised service.

2 Professional Bodies & Organisations

Professional bodies like ICAN and CIPM are great sources of talent and often have a section of their site dedicated to helping employers access their database of members.
The added advantage is confidence that the candidates you find are certified members.
Also look at industry specific sites and publications, these are good places to post jobs as you know their readers will be your target candidates.

3 LinkedIn Recruiter

No list would be complete without the ubiquitous LinkedIn. The free service is only good as your connections, or upgrade to the recruiter version to make use of the range of recruitment tools they have available. What it lacks in not being solely Nigerian based, it makes up for with it's expansive international reach.

4 Your Network!

Don't underestimate the power of your own network. Whether through social media or face to face your Friends, family, employees and even your church and mosque know a whole host of experienced professionals that could be right for your business.
Ask other business owners how they found talent. Personal contacts can take you far - not everything has to be online! Get out there, meet people and make your needs known!

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