The truth about Companies using our platform

By Tayo Leigh

 01 Apr 2015     Comments

When our Employers get past that we’re free, that there isn’t a catch and that access to great candidates is unlimited. They’ve been impressed.

Here are the top six things they’ve said about us:

Easy to use: All our clients unanimously agreed that they found our platform simple, they didn’t need a HR degree to figure out how it worked.

It works! Over half the active employers had successfully interviewed or hired candidates from our database.

Yes It’s Free – Undoubtedly appreciated that we don’t charge and over 75% surveyed said we’d saved their company money and as a result were most likely use us instead of just word of mouth.

More candidates please… We do need to work on an even wider variety of skills as at least 40% said they didn’t always find the right candidate every time.

Hello recruiters! – Recruitment agencies make up a fair % of our client base and one customer told us we’re the reason they hit their clients requirements every time.

Handholding: Great customer service is something we’ve been recognised for. Our account managers are at the end of the phone to give search tips or even email suggested candidates.

So, if you have a role to fill don’t pay to find someone. Sign up to SHORTLIST and access thousands of candidates with great experience.

Other lovely comments we’ve had from our survey

“Its selection process is designed to achieve results as the candidates I select are fairly close to what am searching for. It's simplified access and abundance of candidates.”

“Easy to use and slick”

“Shortlist is one of the best online recruiting tools in Nigeria. Its wide talent pool base and quality of the candidates are one of the reasons Shortlist works perfectly for me. In addition, they also have an efficient team”

“This is an awesome platform from Philips consulting. It will surely help small businesses in Nigeria and help qualified candidates to easily get/change job. Big thumb up for Philips consulting/Shortlist Nigeria team.”

Start using our platform today!


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