The Top 6 Trends in Recruitment Today

By Tayo Leigh

 09 Nov 2015     Comments

No industry can afford to stand still. If it does, it gets replaced. Recruitment is no different. Changing demands from employers and expectations from candidates, as well as new online solutions, means recruitment agencies won’t survive on reputation alone.

SHORTLIST understands this as we help agencies and candidates grow every day. This month’s Recruiter-focused campaign therefore, reveals how recruiters can capitalise on this changing landscape, to ensure their agency continues to thrive.

Let’s look at the Top 6 Trends in Recruitment Today to see how your Recruitment Agency can stay on top, or get ahead.

Self promotion

Platforms like LinkedIn have turned individuals into brands, and allowed employers to pick and choose almost at will. As such, your agency needs to offer candidates an even greater level of access, as well as greater guarantees for employers. You need to remain a gatekeeper of the industry.

Brand ambassadors

Believing in what you do and who you do it for, is becoming increasingly important for candidates. Concerns over the environment, equal opportunities and ethical trading means businesses with a bad name won’t attract the best staff. Impress this on your customers and candidates, and you will make the right connections for lasting relationships.

Career planning

Today, agencies aren’t just expected to find candidates a new role. Instead, they are expected to help them build their careers. An ability to contribute to their career growth demonstrates your added value, and helps you stand out from competitors.

‘For some candidates, it’s not just about the money, but about their future.’


Contracting is not a new phenomenon. But expectations for how long you might work somewhere have reduced radically. As such, the need for you to stay focused on finding quality candidates that stay long enough to add value, is greater than ever. Ensure this remains your priority, while encouraging younger staff to find start-ups or smaller organisations to build exclusive partnerships with, and you will satisfy demand from both sides.


What we can learn about candidates is greater than ever. Online personality testing is being used more and more to show how an individual would fit within an organisation. See if you can add this to your product offering to show you’re not standing still in terms of giving them the fullest picture of your candidates.

Active recruitment

Headhunting is no longer a specialist area. Social sourcing allows any business or agency to find, monitor and contact candidates. Use all the tools at your disposal, cast your net as wide as possible and you’ll stay ahead of the competition to keep connecting the best candidates with the right business.

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