Be That Charismatic Leader!

By Tayo Leigh

 16 Feb 2015     Comments

We've all come across that awe inspiring boss, the one who oozes confidence and energy, the one you go way above and beyond for. The one you'd secretly like to be just like.

As the nation contemplates the future leadership of our country, we thought it would be timely to share some quick tips on how to develop a Charismatic Leadership style.

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So what does it mean to be a charismatic leader?

Charismatic leaders are people whose personal charm and magnetism draw people in and inspire them to give of their best. Ambitious, well-articulated and goal driven.

Crucially, they are often the type of leaders who have the ability to make you feel like you are the only person in the room. They make you feel special and valued.

Practice your communication skills

It is unsurprising that charismatic leaders are often talkative individuals. They are exceptionally good communicators who use their considerable inter-personal skills to inspire others around them.

Share your talents

Be generous with your time and your knowledge. Use every available opportunity to coach and mentor subordinates. Come across as accessible and relatable.

Connect with your colleagues

Share and recount personal experiences to help employees problem solve and crucially to understand your vision. Listening is equally important. Encourage employees to share their concerns and ideas, and take the time to explain your leadership decisions, even if they prove unpopular.

Recognise and nurture potential

Have high expectations of your employees and inspire them to pursue excellence. Effective charismatic leadership is the ability to identify, develop and utilise the skills of others. This involves having an insight into how others work, what drives them.

Examine your team and consider whether each individual is fulfilling their potential. If you suspect someone is capable of more, discuss it with them. How motivated to succeed are they? tap into their aspirations and goals - work together and make a plan to help make it happen..

Exude Positivity!

Lead by example and work on having a positive outlook. Charismatic leaders are individuals who see every day as an opportunity and have a great deal of self-belief. This cannot help but spillover into all areas of their lives. So to fully emulate this leadership style, really focus on having a hopeful and optimistic outlook both in and out of the workplace. Believe in yourself, invest in people and don't allow setbacks to derail you.

Some leaders are born, others are made

If you are fortunate, charismatic leadership may come naturally to you. However, all is not lost if it does not. With practice, everyone in a leadership position can work towards developing a more charismatic style.

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