Be a Better Manager!

By Tayo Leigh

 28 May 2015     Comments

There are many different management styles. Success as a manager largely hinges on you finding out what style is most effective and natural for you. Whilst there is no management rule book, certain principles appear common to most successful leadership styles.

We have compiled 5 simple steps that should improve the impact you have in the workplace:

Set Clear Goals

  • Employees work better when they have a clear understanding of expectations and how their role fits in with the organisational goals. Ensure that your staff understand how to be successful in their job and the difference between merely being satisfactory and being exceptional. It is important to communicate clearly and frequently.
  • Be consistent in the messages you send out to employees both directly and indirectly. Explain decision making so that employees understand how and why decisions have been made and what the overall agenda is.

Be Results Oriented

  • Every decision you make, every rule you establish and every communication you have with employees should be directly related to obtaining great results. Remind yourself of this frequently and ensure that rules and regulations assist rather than hinder progress.

Give & Receive Feedback

  • Giving feedback ensures that employees understand how to improve and what aspects of their work to focus on. Address performance problems in a timely fashion but ensure that the feedback process is a two-way conversation so that you gain an insight into how and why employees thrive or fail in situations.
  • Be open to receiving input from employees. Create an environment where each individual feels that their opinion is valued and if not followed at the very least considered.

Have Compassion

  • Have some empathy and treat people with respect at all times. This means don't publicly berate staff, listen to their concerns and be honest with them. When you have the difficult task of making job cuts or giving negative feedback – try to make the process as dignified as possible by communicating in a compassionate and respectful manner.

Work out what people need, to do their job better

  • Make it your priority to figure out how to get the best out of your staff. What changes can you make to improve their performance? Do they have adequate training, are there enough opportunities for informal workplace socialising, do they feel able to ask for help when needed? Open communication will help you to better figure this out.
  • Some issues will not be obvious to you unless staff draw your attention to them which they will only do if you have established trust.

These 5 steps are not comprehensive, but if you follow them you will be headed in the right direction.
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