Why hire a Customer Service Rep?

By Tayo Leigh

 06 Oct 2015     Comments

Social media and the internet has changed the relationship between customer and business. Not just for customers to complain or help promote a business at the touch of a button, but also in the way a business can use the internet to find, sell to and maintain a relationship with people they may never meet.

So how do you ensure you make the right first impression, deliver your messages in the right tone and then keep in touch with them, in a way that doesn’t alienate them?

In addition, what happens when things go wrong? Understanding and helping people you won’t ever speak to face to face is difficult. To do so in a way that is quick and effective, you must have someone on your team who understands this relationship and is there for both you and the customer.

So what will a CS rep bring to your business?

Free PR

The best kind of marketing is free marketing. A personal recommendation from a satisfied customer is stronger than a clever ad, and so the more happy customers you have walking away from interactions with your business, the more will find out about your great product. How many online reviews have you read that said ‘great product, shame about the rude staff’?


Your customer service rep is the first to know when something’s wrong. They are the front line between you and the customers so they will make sure you don’t lose the customer, offer solutions to address the issue and ensure you can focus on solving the problem right away to ensure you don’t get a long line of unhappy customers.


Your CS rep will ensure your company’s policies are adhered to at all times. If a customer speaks to a different person each time, they will get a different response each time. This creates confusion and frustration for both customer and staff. Every worker enjoys saying ‘let me hand you over to our customer service specialist’.


Customer service reps can be honest about why something has gone wrong, because it wasn’t their fault. They are one step removed from the issue, there to be the customer’s friend, and so they can admit there was an issue, apologise and stay with the customer until it is resolved.


Your customers don’t care if you are having a bad day. If they need to call you because something has gone wrong, then they want a friendly and engaged professional who is always ready to help. Your CS rep’s role is to be that friendly expert, on hand at all times to listen, and then resolve.

If you have ever searched online for a business and then read their reviews, then you understand just how important happy customers are. Don’t let bad customer service undo all your hard work, hire someone who makes it their business to keep your customers happy and you are much less likely to be reading your own bad reviews!

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