Why are no candidates getting back to me?

By Tayo Leigh

 17 Feb 2016     Comments

Are you struggling with our platform?

Maybe you've created a SHORTLIST account with the promise of free access to great candidates. So after having found and shortlisted some great resumes it's been 3 days ago you still haven't got their contact details!

What now?

We want you to fill your vacancies quickly! So here are 5 tips to help you get more candidate confirmations every time.

(1) SHORTLIST+ Members all the way!

Our premium members that have a logo above their profile, are paid candidates and usually the most serious. They have free communication with you and can and often will respond within 24 hours.
Non S+ Members after seeing your shortlist will need to upgrade to respond and unfortunately not all Candidates are willing to do that. So if you're looking for a short turnaround shortlist more Premium S+ Candidates.

(2) Don't do wishful thinking with the salary band

If you've stated your role as paying 250-400k a month - don't shortlist a HR Director with 20 years multinational experience and a target salary of 900k. Not only will they not answer you, they'll feel hugely insulted. Be realistic and if you are willing to be flexible then choose 'Negotiable' as your salary band.

(3) Right a GREAT job description - Sell the role

Many of our candidates are passive jobseekers meaning they aren't unhappy in the current job they are in so your opportunity must be a decent one for them to consider it.
Therefore a poorly written job description wont be enough to woo them into an interview. Sell the role and the company, especially if you are not a big brand.

(4) We can help you chase

We have a team who's job it is to chase pending candidates, using emails, sms and even calls to let candidates know there is an opportunity waiting on them. So if there is a candidate who you are eager to get in touch with we can help you move things along. Contact us on sola@shortlistnigeria.com or 08160317842

(5) Go Premium - Pay only N75K a year and get full benefits.

On Premium you have access to the whole database and allow NonS+ candidates to release their details and contact you immediately without them needing to upgrade. Customers on this package see an average confirmation rate of 85-90% to quote one company "I don't know why I didn't do this earlier"

Remember if you have any questions or queries please contact one of our account managers on

Tel: 08160317842
Email: stephen.oke@shortlistnigeria.com

Happy Headhunting


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