Why Hire A Copywriter? Stay Friends With Your Clients By Using Specialists

By Tayo Leigh

 30 Aug 2015     Comments

Branding and Marketing agencies hire copywriters for more reasons than knowing the difference between their, there and they’re. They increase a campaign’s chance of success by adding creativity and expertise, and crucially, distance for you to maintain that carefully nurtured client relationship.

Should you still need some convincing to use a writing specialist on your next campaign, here are 10 more reasons to get you thinking:

  • Your time is hugely valuable – Why spend it doing something you can pay a specialist to do, or load your busy team down with, or worse get the intern to do?

  • The client always requests changes – Do you really have time to research, write and review? If your copywriter is working to a price and the brief hasn’t been met, it’s their job to ensure it is.

  • It creates a distance from the words - Imagine spending all that time writing all their web content, ad copy or video script and they say it’s all wrong! Get a pro and not only will they do it quicker, and with the creative flair you need, but you are still the clients’ friend making the ‘creative team’ work for you both.

  • They can speak many ‘languages’ – One of a copywriters’ skill is to adopt different tones, personalities and speech patterns – they are experts at this and can adopt your clients’ voice quicker than you.

  • They’ll save you time and money – Is saving money on specialists worth more than ensuring the campaign is delivered on time, finding the next project and responding to all other company issues?

  • They know their blogs from their tweets – Writing scripts, tweeting, blog writing, ad copy, advertorial content or press releases all require different approaches. Do you have time to learn them all?

  • They can interpret briefs – Having worked on many different campaigns, they understand your needs, the clients’ needs and the language already being used in other campaigns or industries.

  • They work without distraction – They are not in your office, so can focus just on the project in hand, not that and several other tasks or roles you gave them.

  • 90% of all communication is visual – Catching people’s attention is easy. Getting people to act how you want afterwards, through call to actions or memorable straplines is the real challenge.

  • You’re reducing risk – Imagine your account manager went off sick or you got called onto your main client’s urgent project. Who is writing draft three of an overdue video script?

You are there to win business, maintain client relationships and oversee the quality of all content you produce. If you are spending time doing keyword searches for SEO copy, rewriting video scripts over and over or brainstorming campaign slogans for hours on end, then you might find yourself looking for more than just a writing specialist.

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