Why hire a Logistics Manager?

By Tayo Leigh

 25 Mar 2015     Comments

From raw materials to finish product. A good Logistics and Supply Chain manager keep things moving, understand storage, transport and manage production – there’s a lot of experience that goes into this profession.

So if you think you can manage without one, let us remind you what a good Supply Chain Manager will do for your business:

Sourcing – They’ll find the right products at the right quality and price. Working alongside your sales team to understand what’s popular and where the business can make money. Negotiating low supplier prices is key to their role.

Production – Ownership of creating an end product as efficiently as possible, their job is to avoid any waste, yet consistently meet demand on time. This often involves them having a good handle on how to manage both staff and equipment effectively.

Storage - To get good stock rotation involves getting the right balance of items and making them easily accessible. Poor stock management results in missed sales and unnecessary waste. A good Supply chain manager will know how to walk the thin line.

Transportation –Knowing the cheapest and fastest way to get goods from suppliers to retail, this is key given the infrastructure challenges in Nigeria. With the growth in use of software for tracking, they’re constantly looking at ways to improve the supply chain networks and boost efficiency.

A good logistics hire is organised, a good negotiator and able to work with people at all levels. A natural problem solver by nature they should be quick with numbers and have a good geographical knowledge of the Nigerian regions your business covers.

Logistics is getting things to the right place, time, and condition and at the right price. It’s a complex job that requires planning, organisation, practicality and technical skill.

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