Why Hire a Marketing Manager?

By Tayo Leigh

 03 Jun 2015     Comments

Like a great looking girl in a dark corner, until someone switches the light on nobody know she’s there. This is very much like marketing. You can have the greatest product in the world but if no one knows about you then it doesn’t matter.

Marketing can seem incredibly expensive and often hard to quantify and if you’re a small company with tights budgets then this cost can seem completely unnecessary, surely word of mouth is enough?

So let me give you 5 reasons to bring in a professional and take your business to the next step, become a bigger player

How creative are you?
As a business owner or HR manager, unless you work in the creative industry this is not necessary your skillset. So bring someone in! From PR stunts to, social media boosts and clever competition ideas – with a good manager you should be smiling hearing the things they come up with that you never even imagined and getting excited about what’s possible, if you’re excited your customers will be too.

Branding – is not just for big companies Branding and marketing is something we hear all the time and assume it applies to the coca colas of the world. But it doesn’t. A Marketing manager’s role is part of establishing that brand, making sure that your image speaks to your target audience that you start to build a good reputation and ultimately that when people see or hear about your business it’s all for the right things.

Sell more
Ultimately marketing is about letting more people know about your business so more people buy your product. Marketing initiatives can sometime be hard to measure. It’s their job to take the budget you have and drive the maximum impact and awareness, and come back to prove what worked, so you can do more of that activity and ultimately sell more!

Help your sales guys do their job
Whilst sales and accounts managers are there to target potential and existing customers, make their job easier by giving them a way in with sufficient marketing materials. Cold calling customers is difficult, if you’ve done even a little marketing beforehand your customers will start the conversation with “I’ve heard of you guys”, and then your job is half done.

Do it now rather than later
Marketing will play a big part in the growth of your organisation, small or large, as long as you intend to grow, you’re going to need to invest in a decent marketing strategy to get you there. By bringing in someone who becomes part of shaping that future right from start, will help you lay the foundation for a successful and professional looking business.

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