Why hiring an ex-banker could be just what your business needs

By Tayo Leigh

 12 Apr 2015     Comments

Banking professionals have an endless supply of transferable skills.

What transferable skills, what can they do for your business and isn’t it just better to hire someone that has experience in that exact role?

With the changes in the economy there are a lot of professionals with banking experience within the hiring pool you should be taking advantage of.

Here’s why:

Great customer service and communication skills

Being able to interact with a range of different types of clients and ensuring customer satisfaction is key in all businesses. Liaising with people with a variety of financial understanding means ex-bankers are often excellent communicators and skilled in breaking down complex ideas into simple explanations. This an important and invaluable resource to have within your organisation.

Skilled in gaining product knowledge

The banking sector is full off complex and constantly changing product offerings for business and personal accounts. It’s almost compulsory for their employees to know their products and services, in order to be really effective in their role. This means that they are confident when answering customer questions, and therefore your clients are more likely to spend money with someone who knows their stuff.

They make excellent Sales and Business Development Managers

The banking sector is a competitive one, majority of the staff are tasked to hit some form of targets, whether sales of products or cash deposits. Selling is selling. So if you’re looking for a driven goal orientated account manager, the skills developed in the banking industry make them ideal candidates for delivering aggressive sales targets for your business.

Organised, efficient and process driven

Attention to detail and a focus on efficient processes, are the popular attributes in the banking industry that can be brought in to benefit your business. By hiring someone with this organised way of working you’re guaranteed to bring in a discipline that can rub off on your existing employees and business tasks.

Good with Money

Stating the obvious, these professionals are comfortable and experienced in handling cash and assets. They bring their knowledge of banking products to good use in giving guidance on borrowing, investments or even providing you with insight into day to day banking practices.

In conclusion. Look past the job title to the core skills.

If you’re looking for a process driven, disciplined and focused individuals then bank employees make great hires. Learning the products lines, comfortable relating to a range of customer types and at ease with delivering aggressive sales targets… this could be just what your business needs.

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